Thursday, February 26, 2009

The HAPPIEST PEOPLE don't have EVERY THING they want. They make the most out of what they already HAVE. Misery starts when a person looks at the 10% MISSING and overlooks the 90% BLESSING. We all have our own share of blessings. Some get them FAST, some WAIT for a long time. What's important is, it comes at a TIME we NEED it most. GOD knows best and HE will give the best in HIS OWN time! Good Night!

Monday, February 23, 2009

First PFF

It was Jommy who made the final challenge. The last stunt is who can throw the car farther and will win. Jommy flipped the car distance of 22 meters and 50 cm away from from the ramp. He is 24 years old model from Manila and he's a good looking guy. He was the funny guy among the participants, an easy going guy and outgoing person. I admired Janna too for her fighting spirit, a brave woman but she's just unlucky participant to vie for the title. He's now the newest millionaire in town!

Friday, February 20, 2009


the word L-I-S-T-E-N contains the same letters as S-I-L-E-N-T, listen to GOD in the silence of your heart and you will know HIS perfect plans for you!

Who will be the first El Ultimo Participante?

Pinoy Fear Factor participants were all good looking. The women have sexy figures while the guys have hunky physiques. After a months of competition finally tonight it's going to reveal the winner. I admired Janna for being a strong woman,she beat Manuel 40 seconds in the Final Round of Elimination which is the Buried Alive and now in the finale she is the only rose among the thorns and I can't believed how she undertake challenges like eating disgusting things and stunts that keeps our breath away! Whew! I can't make it (LOL).
Tonight who will be the lucky one is it Jommy, Marion or Janna? Who will be the last the last person standing and to proclaimed the first El Ultimo Participante of Pinoy Fear Factor with a grand prize of P2million and a house and lot?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Treasured award

I would like to thank Misty for this "Friends Forever Treasured Award" Thank you once again for the friendship. Hope we will meet someday in the future. God bless your family always!
I'm going to pass this award to all my friends in the blogosphere. Come and grab this guys I know you all deserve to grab this award!

Romantic ideas for Valentines DaY!

Believe it or not, writing love letters is still as cool. Yes, the world may have changed and e-mails and text messages love lettermay be the order of the day, but a passionate letter of love still posseses that eternal charm and out-of-the-world romanticism which many would die for. So put your pen to paper and pour your feelings out for the love of your life. Say in simple words what your sweetheart means to you, and how your life has changed since his/her arrival. Then hide it in some spot where your sweet one is likely to lay his/her hand soon. Don't worry if you're not too good with words, your sweetheart will surely appreciate your gesture. Your effort will culminate into a moment which both of you'll treasure forever, trust me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My personality

People born in the Year of Ram are elegant and highly accomplished in the arts. They seem to be, at first glance, better off than those born in the zodiac's other years. But ram year people are often shy, pessimistic, and puzzled about life. They are usually deeply religious, yet timid by nature. Sometimes clumsy in speech, they are always passionate about what they do and what they believe in. Ram people never have to worry about having the best in life for their abilities make money for them, and they are able to enjoy the creature comforts that they like. Ram people are wise, gentle, and compassionate. They are compatible with Rabbits, Pigs, and Horse! There you are! is there anybody who are rabbits, pigs and horse over there? hehehehe..............

Monday, February 2, 2009

dNeero-ites in Asia

We have many dNeero-ites in East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. We'd like to reach out to you with dNeero convos, but we need your help with the questions and topics of discussion. This is very important to our clients that wish to engage with you via our conversations. By joining this convo you'll let us know what you'd like to see in dNeero convos that are oriented to the Asian dNeero-ite. But please note that, at this point, dNeero conversations are in English, and therefore it is not acceptable practice to post a dNeero conversation to other than an English blog or social site.