Tuesday, July 29, 2008

life itself is a challenge that we ought to face, you lose some, you win some, that if you never give up you will discover that sacrifices have the greatest rewards. Have a blesssed evening beyond GRACE!Have a blessed evening

Monday, July 28, 2008

The most common germs in your kitchen

No matter how often you scrub, spray, wipe ans clean your kitchen, counters, cabinets, and refrigerator, germs are always present. The presence of such germs can lead to illnesses such as colds, flu, and more severe infections and food poisoning. It is shown that kitchen sinks, dishtowels, and cutting boards, contain the most germs. Even toilet seats found to contain fewer germs than kitchen! Can you imagine that!
The best way to turn your kitchen into germ-free zone is by avoiding contamination in the first place, because dishrags, towels, and sponges can trap germs and allow them to breed, clean them by using detergent soap and hot water.
Instead of wiping your hands on a cloth towel,m use paper towels that can send germs straight away to the trash. Using paper towels for cleaning kitchen surfaces is also. ideal. Cutting boards are one of the parts of a kitchen that contain the most germs. To avoid contamination, if you're cooking different types of meats and vegetables, it is best to use cutting board just for meat and another just for vegetables.
Pouring bleach down the kittchen sinks helps eliminates germs. Use also disinfectant spray in addition to warm water and soap.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

dNeero's Money is Hot ... or Not

This is a follow up to the "dNeero pays, and ..." conversation. In the first convo we discovered that several of you are affected by money being involved in these conversations. What we now would like to learn is what that effect is. Frankly, if it's anything that results in truthful responses, we're OK with it ... well, we think we're OK with it ... let's see. ------- If you have previously joined this conversation, please do so again -- we had a technical glitch ... sorry about that.

It's Tuesday!

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In God's eyes LOVE is always present. In God's heart FORGIVENESS is always there. In God's embrace NO ONE is ever alone. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good morning God..........A Morning Prayer

Good morning God,

  • I come to you again today in the name of Jesus.
  • I choose to worship you in spirit and in truth … so help me God.
  • I choose to glorify you God in everything I am and do today … so help me God.
  • I choose to love you with all my heart, soul, mind and strength … so help me God.
  • I choose to love your Word … so help me God.
  • I choose to be available for you today to use as you will … so help me God.
  • I choose to be as Jesus today to every life I touch … so help me God.
  • I choose to always have a thankful heart and an attitude of gratitude … so help me God.
  • I choose to walk on the path of truth always in all ways … so help me God.
  • I choose to keep growing in “faith and love and every grace and seek more earnestly your face” … so help me God.
  • I choose to become the man of God you want me to be … so help me God.
  • I choose to become more and more in every way like you Jesus … so help me God.
  • I choose to be a living witness for you Jesus … so help me God.
  • I choose to give you my heart to love and serve you … so help me God.
  • I choose to fulfill my God-given life purpose … so help me God.
  • I choose to be a man of honesty and character … so help me God.
  • I choose to trust in you God in every circumstance … so help me God.
  • I choose to be a part of your plans and what you are doing in the world today … so help me God.
  • “Here’s my heart, LORD, take and seal it, seal it for your courts above” … so help me God.

Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully in Jesus' name, amen.

How Great And Wonderful You Are!

Thank you, LORD, for another day.

Thank you for the sun and the deep blue sky.
Thank you for the cool Autumn air.
Thank you for eggs and bacon,
and toast with cinnamon.

Help me to remember
that all good things come from you,
And help me always to be thankful.

Dear Lord,
Help me to be good today.
Forgive me for the times I did what I wanted to do,
instead of what you wanted me to do.

Today is a new day,
and I can start brand new
because you have forgiven me.

Help me to be a blessing today.
Use me to bring happiness to those you love.

Dear Lord, your love
is better than anything else in the world.
And you love me.
Help me always to remember that.

Thank you, LORD!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Night whisper

CommentYou.com is your One Stop Shopyou dare look at the stars, thought of capturing them with their light, bombarded by wonders of sight, of which been seen through millions of miles, vague as you can be, but it shines as bright as you can see!
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Have you ever felt the pain of wanting things to be the same? the harder the two of you hold on, the faster it dies. Beneath the smile and laughter, bitter pain is disguised, the roaring waves of the crashing sea. With our hands interwined i hold on to you and you on to me, but no matter how hard we try, our hands begin to slip, the sea carries one to land the other to ship. The tears pf a love lost drifts with the sea. With the painful realization that sometimes no matter how hard you try, it's just not meant to be.

Exercise for pregnant women

Don't you know that exercise is the big help for pregnant women? According to health experts there's a big benefits in doing regular exercise to pregnant women. It gives sense of control and self confidence, and opportunity to meet other people especially you are in the pregnancy exercise class. This is also a good way of meeting other friend in the same way pregnant women. It relieves typical aches,m help to control excess weight gain and help you relax and sleep better.
Not only you do and your baby reap benefits throughout your pregnancy, you also increase your chances having an easier labor and delivery.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


During 1980's millions of children died in Africa because of malnutrition. There's a suffering chaos in that place. But here in Philippines, it is impossible to believe that there are two children died because of malnutrition. Philippines is an abundant place for everything. No one is going to suffer malnutrition if only Filipino will strive hard to earn a living. No one to blame the two children died of malnutrition but their parents, they are irresponsible and we can see that they don't care of their children's lives. Even lack of food, but it is not the reason especially you lived in the province.Many sustainable ways of producing foods, like permaculutre,biointesive and organic farming.
Industrious person is not going to suffer hunger, but sad to say mostly Filipinos were sluggard, setting all day, waiting for nothing!

Think Again

Please listen to Lori Brainard's video "Think Again" at You Tube. We'd like to know what you think.

Tax or No Tax

A way to immediately deal with high gasoline prices in the U.S.

Morning wish to everybody!

hope you wake up today with sunlight in your heart, success in your path, answers to your prayers and smile that will always be there in your eyes.
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Water works!

If you suffer from depleted energy, dry and finely lined skin, bad breathes and headaches, then chances are you are not drinking enough water. Drinking about eight glasses of water a day helps to keep our energy levels high, skin sparkling and digestive system working. And 90 percent don't follow this advice it ends up to dehydration,
Our body is largely made up of water and believe that being dehydrated affects electrical activity in our brain, muscles and skin. Skin can suffer from dehydration from inside as well as out, especially in air conditioned, low humidity environments.
On a beauty note, dehydrated skin can be rough, lines and dull, something that not even the best moisturizer can put right.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cyber Relationship

If they make you happy without transgressing on other people?s feelings, then they should be good, right?

Your child might be suffering from stress!

Stress can affect the way your child thinks, feel and behaves. Certain level of stress caused by factors such as exams and it is perfectly normal, and for some children it can be overwhelming. Factors such as starting at a new school, making friends and trauma can also contribute.
However, there is good stress and bad stress. Good stress motivates us to work hard, explore and strive to achieve, while bad stress can cause childhood problems, including slow growth, temper tantrums in toddlers and fighting in teens.
The key to helping your child is simple. Allow them to talk through their fears and reassure them they can cope and will succeed. Make time to enjoy yourself with your children through humour and non-competitive exercise. Last but not the least, take time out to relax, as a stressed parent could mean a stressed child.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Life's like that!

As i waited for my daughter outside a lingerie store, i saw a woman entering dragging her five-year-old son with her. The child, who'd had his fill of shopping protested. "mom, do we have to go on here?" "You said you wanted a little brother, didn't you?" she replied.

In my garden

In my garden , i have always sided with "morning glory flower." I have planted them in the center which all the others flowers were arranged. Not everyone agrees with me about this morning glory flowers, but for me they are the most exquisite bloom. As you wake up early in the morning you could see the beautiful petals blooming. In my garden i have only one color the white. And i love it!
My grand daughter used to enjoy playing the petals, and as she wake up early in the morning she directly goes to the garden picking some petals fallen and she put it in the small plastic bag and she's going to arrange it nicely and give it to her mom . Just like me she really love the "morning glory flower."

Sign of the time?

Philippines adapt many beliefs and they apply it to their personal lives. I met one of my friend two days ago and she said that there are things that must to avoid in order not to encounter bad luck. And she mentioned black cat is a bad luck, and she told me that she always missed an opportunity once the black cat crossed her path as she set out. What is the connection of the black cat in her life?
Really Filipinos were so superstitious, life of a cat is different from human being and no such bad luck in our life. Always remember God gives you life and He was the one who holds our future, and i think you need time to pray and don't blame the black cat whatever obstacles comes in your life just because of black cat is crossing your way!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

HammeRuler ... The Commercial

The HammeRuler will run a new commercial on TV and since dNeero users have made such great recommendations already we'd like your suggestions. Basically, our advertising firm has brainstormed a few ideas and we're at the point where we need to narrow things down. That's where you come in! Tell us what you think would be most effective for you and your friends.

dNeero pays, and ...

Whenever money is introduced into a process there is the risk of creating bias. dNeero works hard to reduce and remove that bias. We want you to score us and share your thoughts on how money and blogging interact. As always, be honest!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Heart fighting!

though we don't meet or talk often, i never forget that i have you in my life, somewhere, somehow, i remember you, just bear this in your mind, i'm always here with you, not so near but never far.

i found the right guy, i gave the perfect love, it was the right time, everything was perfect except for one thing, for him, i wasn't the perfect girl and i wasn't even close to being the right one.

why do we fall in love for someone who isn't really for us? should we blame ourselves for falling with the wrong one? or should we blame the one we fell in love with beacuse he made us feel he is the right one?

sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in life, if God allow us to go thru life without obstacles, we would no be as strong as what we could!

problems just come and go, sometimes too hard for us to handle and sometimes we easily give up, and you know what keeps our heart fighting? a big piece of our life called God.

To My Friend!

when i met you it was never a coincidence in my life, it is meant to enter my life to bring me joy and laughter, that's why i really treasured the friendship between us, and i hope you feel the same!
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It's Sunday!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A treat for a lips

Lips are made more than just talking. A woman's lip's can be her most powerful asset. Now you don't have to be a celebrity to have power puckers. You simply need to take care of your lips by making sure that you check everytime the food that you intake are rich in Vitamin B, get enough rest, drink plenty of fluids, use sunscreen protection. Sun exposure not only dries lips, but also reduces melanin, which increases damage risks from the sun's harmful rays.

The Joy In My Heart

Some people say, that the life of a Christian is boring. Yes, at the very first start I find it very difficult to live as a Christian. But I ask wisdom from God to give me knowledge and understanding of his words. And God never fails me. By and by I find out that living Christian way, is never boring, in fact it is full of joy within. I entrust everything to God, in times of sorrow, sickness, storms in life, I leave everything to Him.


By some mischief of fate, we might only truly fall in love once. You know that one great love old folks refer to. Many lovers may get into our lives but there is only one person with that one smile, one kiss, one hug and one moment, that our hearts will never replace. That person, usually but sadly, is the one that got away. That's after all the chips are down, we know, we just know, we'll never fall in love that way again.


Do what makes you happy. Life is not based on the money you earned and success you've achieved. It's all about being happy with who you are, who you're with, who you've got, who you love, and who makes your life worth living.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Love And Hate

There are things we love and as the opposite there, are the things we hate. This is all about love and hate. I love to share with you what i hate most and what i love most.
The 5 things i love: God, Family, Loyal Friends, and Responsible.
The 5 things i hate: Irresponsible, Annoying, Crude, Backbiter and Unreliable.

My one and only!

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My precious gem ever!

CommentYou.com is your One Stop Shop
Get More at COMMENTYOU.comI'm worried of my grand daughter Kyla because she has colds and have a slight fever. I don't want to get her sick. Everybody's going to panic when she got sick. Last year it was a traumatic experience i had. Kyla is suffering seizure and it's not easy to see her like that.

Dear Lord please heal Kyla, help her to recover from her colds and just fine if colds remains but not fever please! I love her so much, she's my precious gem ever!

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Just one week ago "frank" destroyed so many lives among Filipino people, and until now they are still picking up the pieces to start all over again. But there's another bad news that there's still sixteen storms and floods coming here in Philippines.
Why this happened all the time here in our country? this is yearly happened and hundreds of lives has been lost. Now it start raining every night and landslides is going to happened again.
Rain, rain please go away! !

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flame of Friendship

The Flame of Friendship.
A symbol of spirit of unity.
The burning icon of love.
Undying picture of hope.
The hot symbol of oneness.
The Flame of Friendship.

I thank God being my personal Lord and Saviour. He is a good provider in my daily needs and a sustainer of our life. In times that i fell discourage He's always there to encourage me, and in times that i'm worried He's always there to comfort me. People always panic because all primary needs among consumers were all increasing. But it does'nt bother me because I'm serving a living God. He owns everything in this world. I thank Him for the blessing i received from Him, financially, physically and spiritually.