Friday, November 28, 2008

I love pizza!

It's been along time that I was not able to eat pizza. One day I try to visit my long time friend if she's around, well and good because she's there at home busy preparing for the big events I am very fortunate because it was her grand daughter's birthday and pizza was one of the food they are preparing. She's a very good cook, I learned a lot from her about baking some pastries and I'm very proud of her because despite of her achievements in life she still remains what she is. She's very smart woman and very courageous. I knew her since we are in our college days. And I know how difficult to think about her life experiences. And now I can see how successful she is. She has now 12 outlets of her business in pizza. She calls me "pizza girl" before and she was surprise that until now I still adore pizza. I really love pizza!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rob Pattinson ... Bite Me ... Please!

When it comes to "Twilight," the question isn't whether the teen vampire movie is any good, but whether the hero, Edward Cullen, is as magical as we want him to be. Edward is brooding and sensitive ... and thanks to Pattinson's furrowed eyebrows, crooked smiles and carefully crafted hairstyles, he delivers just the Edward we've been waiting for.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

From dNeero-ites about Christmas

We're a few weeks away from that yearly celebration. Guess we could all use that right now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Have a wonderful dreams!

embrace a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to keep you warm all night and a prayer to protect you till the dawn comes. Good night!

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

On The Chris Matthews Show, November 16th Chris Matthews leads with: "`It's not my job.' We've got a financial Katrina on our hands. Recession and layoffs are pouring through the floodgates, and nobody's in charge. Bush looks retired, Barack Obama's not president. So who's protecting us?
"Mandate for change? When Reagan and Bush won, they charged ahead with a conservative vision. Will Obama do what Reagan and Bush did, do it big and bold no matter how tough the times? The Democrats are in the driver's seat. Shouldn't they drive?"
The panelists:
-- Michele Norris hosts "All Things Considered" on National Public Radio.
-- Howard Fineman is senior Washington correspondent for Newsweek.
-- Erin Burnett anchors"Squawk on the Street" and "Street Signs" on CNBC.
-- Michael Duffy's assistant managing editor of Time magazine.

happy Wednesday!

Part of the reason why we hold on to something so tight for so long is because we fear that something so great won't happen twice. But don't be afraid to take chances even if it might get you hurt. Just be strong and take it because you might miss that single chance that would change your life and make you really happy! - happy day comment graphics

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sports Clothing - Where? When?

A more sporty, casual approach to clothing is permeating our lives ... remember when athletic shoes, were for, well, athletics? ... did you ever wear Chick Taylor's outside of the gym ... then came the sports shoe craze ... is high-performance fitness/sports clothing going to follow? Seems to be making some in roads.

A Yo-Yo Holiday

Christmas/Holiday music cuts across all genres ... is it the go to music when you exercise, clean the house, shop, surf the Web, travel ...?

Yes, we did!

The U.S. Presidential Election is over ... he did it ... Barack Obama won! What did editorials across the world say, imply, question, disparage, hope, ...?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Zoo - You're animals!

In addition to their status as tourist attractions and recreational facilities, modern zoos may engage in captive breeding programs, conservation study, and educational outreach.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Movies Stuff

Movies touch a cord in most of us ... drama, comedy, suspense, romance, sports, documentary ... you name it ... the following questions just keep the conversation going!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Goddbye "Maam Velasco"

Things in life move with trusts and turn it happens suddenly and we come to realized that everything happens has a valid reasons and only God knows for that reasons. We only lived one life and that soon it will past. Maam Velasco passed away last Wednesday and at the age of 78 she was still very active in our church activities. She was our choir conductress. Every time we talk she always tell me that she ask God that if she die, she wants God to let her sleep and God granted her wish. She live her life to the fullest. She is good example and a blessing for us as a Christian believer. Serving our Lord Jesus has no retirement. Just like her, she's serving our living God until her last breath. Goodbye "Maam" you are always be remembered and the memories that you shared with us will always be treasured!